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How to download photos from our stock photography collection


Download times will vary based upon your computer, connection speed, the size of the image you selected, and your Internet service provider. Our 300 dpi images are naturally take slightly more time to download than the 72 dpi images, because of file size. If you have a high speed internet connection, downloading will be fairly quick.

How to Download Images

Downloading steps are different for Comping Images and for purchased Digital Image Products. Once you download one of our Comping Images or Digital Image Products, you are agreeing to our Digital Image License, and your use of the photo, and your relationship with Ambient Creations, is governed by the license and by our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement. All stock photo images on this website are original creative works by Ambient Creations that have not been previously published, prior to being made available on this web site. Ambient Creations owns the sole copyright to every photo. Any use not specifically allowed in our License Agreement is a direct violation of federal copyright law. All of our images have our digital signature and all usage is tracked.

Downloading Comping Images

Comping images are low-resolution, watermarked jpg images, which are suitable for your internal viewing/layout purposes only. These are helpful to get a better look at the photo in its intended project and provide a proof for others in your organization or for clients to view. Comping images are not licensed for use in any final printed, online, or multimedia project or in any other final form. Be aware that by downloading a Comping Image, you are agreeing to our Comping License. If you have questions, please see our Comping License.

To download a Comping Image, follow these instructions:

1. Click and hold (Windows users right-click) anywhere in the watermarked photo.

2. Choose "Save Image As"; "Save Picture As" or "Download Image to Disk"

3. Choose a folder on your system in which to save your selected picture; then click "Save".

4. Please note that Comping Images saved to your desktop in this manner are subject to our Comping License.

Purchasing and Downloading Digital Image Product

Digital Image Products are formatted and intended for use in final projects for advertising photography, editorial photography, collateral pieces, or corporate communication uses such as web sites, brochures, packaging, posters, exhibits and other printed, online and multimedia uses, and must be purchased. Our images are royalty-free for most uses. If you have questions, please review our Comping License.

To purchase and download a Digital Image Product, follow these instructions:

1. Once you have selected the image or images you wish to license, put them in your shopping cart by clicking on the appropriate button below the image with the mouse key. Be sure to choose the size which is appropriate for your intended use - 72 dpi for web or online use, and 300 dpi for print.

2. After the picture is in the shopping cart, the shopping cart automatically calculates the cost of your order. If you have questions about image sizes and prices, please see the size and pricing section, or contact us.

3. After making final decisions about the images you would like to license, click the "Submit Order" button.

4. The checkout page will appear. At this point please enter and review all order and billing information. You will see the total amount of your purchase at the bottom of the order form. This is the amount that will be charged to your credit card if you click the "Order Now" button. If something about the order is not correct, click "Cancel" to go back to the shopping cart page and make changes. You may then click on the "Check Out" button again to proceed with you order. Please be aware that by clicking on the "Order Now" button, you are agreeing to our License Agreement, our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement, and you are agreeing to have the dollar amount of your order charged to your credit card.

5. Another page will appear with a "Submit Order Now" button. Click on this button to proceed with credit card processing.

6. Once you have placed your order, a download page will appear. Follow the instructions on the page to download your image. If you have any problems downloading your image or processing your order, please contact us.

7. Please note that all of our images are downloaded as "Zipped" file types. This is standard practice on most on-line image stores. To unzip, simply click on the folder.

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