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Research our stock photo libary for downloadable, royalty-free photos by category, then buy online.

You may search our high quality, royalty-free image bank in one of four ways:

By Image Category – Click on any of the broad photo categories listed to see the entire collection of images in that category. To facilitate your search, some images may be included in more than one category, where appropriate. As some categories have hundreds of images, it may be faster to use a more descriptive keyword.

By Keyword – To search by image keyword, simply enter the keyword that best describes the type of image you are seeking. Try broad keyword searches as well as specific ones, and try a few different keywords to ensure a thorough photo search. The largest number of results will be returned if you use a simple keyword. For instance, if you type in the word “garden”, the engine will return all of the images that have garden listed as keyword. If you type in “flower garden”, the image bank engine will return images that have “flower OR garden” listed as keywords. A broader keyword returns a broader selection of images. Our search feature does not require you to use quotation marks and other Boolean operators. Simply check the radio button for your desired search type. If you click “any words”, the search will return any image with flower OR garden listed as a keyword. If you click “all words”, the search will return any image with BOTH flower and garden as keywords. If you click “exact phrase”, the search will return only those images with the keywords shown shown exactly as you entered them.

By Photo I.D. Number – If you are a returning customer and you made note of the Photo ID number on a previous visit, enter it in the Photo ID Search field, then click enter. The image engine will return the photo that is assigned that specific number.

Free Custom Image Search – Lastly, if you can’t find the type of image you are seeking, please contact us with a description of the type of image for which you are looking. We have thousands of additional pictures in our off-line image bank, and we would be happy to search those for you, free of charge. We have noticed that many of you have searched for types of images that aren’t up on our website, yet do exist in our off-line picture library, so let us know the types of images you are seeking. We can then email you some thumbnails, and if you see one you like, it can be easily purchased via phone or e-mail with a credit card, and your image can be shipped via email or on cd-rom. Also, if you see an image you like and would like to see similar images in that series, please email us. We most likely have several variations on that image in our off-line photo library.

Keep in mind you can buy and download single images as you need them, no need to buy a full cd-rom full of pictures. All images are royalty-free for most uses. Please see our Image License for more details. All photos are offered in a high resolution, 300 dpi size, and a lower resolution, 72 dpi size.

If you have questions about our image specifications, visit Image Specifications. If you're wondering about size and pricing visit Size and Pricing.

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